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We generally look for the types of indicia of success expected by venture capital and other investors. For example, we like to see strengths in the team, potential market, technology and business model. We like to see proof of market through sales, customer adoption or a strong case for customer need for the proposed solution.

We like to see capital-efficient proposals that will allow companies in which we invest to achieve growth and success without the need for large amounts of follow-on investment.

The Berkeley Angel Network is particularly interested in seeing companies that are formed by students and/or alumni of UC Berkeley, or that are based on technology from UC Berkeley. However, companies considered for investment are not necessarily limited to such a connection.

Application Process & Guidelines


We are now accepting applications for our October 13, 2015 meeting. Deadline: September 11, 2015.

Please click here for process and schedule.

Please click here for suggested content for applications and presentations.

After reading the above information regarding process and schedule and suggested content, click here to submit an application for consideration for the next meeting:

Please make sure that you attach your Executive Summary and Slide Deck (PowerPoint) in the format and including all the information outlined in the tabs above (for example, including your contact information on both your Executive Summary and Slide Deck).

If you still have questions after reading the above information regarding process and schedule and suggested content, you may contact us at: (for general questions, not applications).  Please also use this email address to let us know if a Berkeley Angel Network member is referring/sponsoring your company for your application.